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IMMIGRATION Only we have the best programs for leaving. 

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People immigrate in search of a new life, new impressions and the impact on life beyond the borders of their country.

If you are here, then you want to know how to apply for the residence permit, move temporarily abroad, or start learning foreign languages in the purpose of immigration, studying, work or internship.

The Me Grand team will help you make a decision about the direction of immigration and take care of documents preparation.

In our office you will receive a free package of information about the immigration process. Experienced professionals will examine your documents and evaluate your chances of leaving abroad.




Israel is considered one of the most popular countries for immigration among residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS( Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. The popularity of this country among immigrants is due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is a high standard of living and social protection of the population. Also, this country is a universally recognized leader in the field of medicine. This is the place where the advanced methods of treating the most complex diseases are used. The security is another reason why many people decide to take such a  serious step as immigration to Israel. There is an extremely low crime rate. In any city of the country children can safely walk around the city even at night.



The Federal Business Immigration Program in 2017 includes 3 categories: Investors Entrepreneurs – pilot program Start-UP

One response to “Immigration”

  1. Татьяна says:

    Я в Канаде не очень долго, но вот что мне очень понравилось:

    -местные жители подкупают своей доброжелательностью, чистоплотностью и склонностью к порядку во всем.

    И что самое приятное это нет пренебрежения по отношению к иммигрантам!

    Также первое время очень удивляло то, что по сравнению с Украиной в Канаде нет коррупции и преступность значительно ниже.

    В таких условиях чувствуешь себя Человеком.

    Поэтому хочу поблагодарить компанию Me Grand за новую жизнь и хорошую работу, которую она мне нашла.

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