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Me Grand Company offers professional visa services required for obtaining a visa

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Everyone has its own purposes of travel. For some people – it is just a vacation or a journey, for others – a business trip.

 Me Grand Company’s goal is to make you enjoy your trip, and therefore it offers you qualified assistance in collection and submission of documents required for obtaining a visa. For more information, you can leave a request on the website or call us  +38 063 153 54 67



Tourist visas limit the time of stay in the country that you have chosen for your vacation.
Tourist visas are issued to people who go on vacation or are on treatment, also it refers to those who participate in exhibitions, seminars and sports events, and for short-term training.
The ME GRAND Company is responsible for tourist visas. Our responsibilities include :
- help with documents preparation;
- fill out the application forms;
- submit documents to the embassy;
- put you in a line for an interview to obtain a visa;
- invitations for work visa;
- visa extensions;
- other things that is necessary to obtain visas.


Work visas give a person the right to work abroad in a certain country.
The procedure for obtaining such a document is complicated enough, but it gives permission to stay much longer in the country.
Work visa can be opened if if there is an invitation and a contract with a foreign employing company.


Business visas are issued to business representatives who come abroad to build business relationships and conclude commercial contracts.
It is necessary to have an invitation from a foreign company to apply for a business or a service visa.
Business visas should be addressed not to you personally, but to the employing company where you work.


Student visa gives the possibility to study abroad in one of the universities that is located in the foreign country.
Student visa is also sometimes called an education visa. You need to have an invitation from the educational institution where you are planning to gain an education to apply for a student visa.


Immigration visa gives the opportunity to obtain a citizenship of the country where it is opened, a residence permit and full citizenship rights.


Transit visa is required for those people who make air travel with a long layover.
Transit visas are issued for 4-5 days at most.
The purpose of transit visa issuance is to travel through the country.
This type of visa gives the right to work on the territory of the country and stay longer in the country.
The necessary condition for obtaining a transit visa is a visa of the country to which the traveler is originally sent, and also original tickets to the destination.


Guest visas are issued for private visits if there is an invitation from an individual who is permanently resident in the country you are going to visit.


Family Reunification is issued to a husband or wife, a person who has a long-term visa of another country.
The procedure of family reunification in each country is individual, as well as the list of requirements and documents.
It is important to seek the professional assistance in such a complex issue to be sure of a positive solution of the question.


Working visas D 180/360, 360/360
Schengen visa C 90/180

Czech Republic:

Working visas D: for 6 months
2 year work plan
Schengen visa C 90/180


Working visa D: 360/360


Working visa D: from 180 days to one year.


Residence permit for 2 years


Tourist visa - from 6 months to 10 years / multi;
Guest visa - from 6 months to 10 years / multi;
Business visa - from 6 months to 10 years / multi;
Student visa - from 6 months to 10 years / multi;
TIER 4 - vignette for 30 days;
Visa of the wife / bride - 6 months;
EEA FamilyPermit - 6 months;
Terms of issuing visas from 15 working days


Tourist visa - up to 10 years / multi;
Guest visa - up to 10 years / multi;
Business visa - up to 10 years / multi;
Terms of issuing visas from 10 working days


Tourist visa - up to 10 years / multi;
Guest visa - up to 10 years / multi;
Business visa - up to 10 years / multi;

Terms of issuing visas from 15 working days

Schengen visa:

Austria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Sweden:
Validity: 15-30 days.
Terms of visa processing are 5 - 10 working days.

Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Finland

Validity: 15-30 days.
Terms of visa processing 5 - 10 working days;

Our services

1. Consultation (providing the list of necessary documents, assessing the chances, recommendations for collecting documents, etc.)
2. Completing the questionnaire;
3. Translation of documents to the translation bureau, certification by stamp;
4. Payment of consular fees at the bank;
5. Submission of documents to the visa center;
Submission of documents: Submission with / without personal presence (all depends on the country and type of visa).
The cost of the consular fee: consular fee + service fee (specify by phone from the managers).
Additional services:
1. Hotel reservation (for visa)
2. Booking of air tickets (for visa)

List of main documents:

1. The passport-original;
2. Photographs -3 pcs. Format 3.5-4.5 cm;
3. The original and a copy of the national civil passport;
4. Copy of the identification code;
5. Documents evidencing employment;
6. Documents that confirm financial solvency;
7. Documents that affirm attachment to the motherland (the presence of children, movable and immovable property)

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